Jan. 26th, 2010

Mu Zest?

Jan. 26th, 2010 11:57 am
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So I was at my favorite natural foods store in Santa Cruz last night after work picking up all manner of sundries (it's my 1 stop shop for Chinese herbal formulas, lip balm, brussel sprouts, tempeh, and bulk foods).

I was refilling my spices, since I'm low on a few and I started smelling the teas that they have in bulk in jars above the spice racks. I ran across one that I hadn't seen or smelled before: Mu Zest. It smelled delicious and had chickory and yerba mate and black tea and some other goodness in it. I knew that it would be a good morning tea with both mate and black tea in it.

I was so excited -- I had new tea that I'd never tried and it smelled SO GOOD.

Brewed up a pot and yuck.

I like tea. I like all kinds of tea -- black green, white, red, yellow, herbal, whatever. I like flavored teas and roasted teas and smoked teas.

I do not, however, like tea that is trying to be coffee.

After brewing this up I think that's what's going on (isn't mate often recommended for coffee drinkers trying to give it up?).

I think I'm going to try some almond milk in it to see if it cuts the odd bitter thing it has going that doesn't taste like over brewed tea.

ETA: Yes, almond milk hits the spot -- it figures, since I like milk in my coffee.


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