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Holy crap good meal tonight! [ profile] iyindo picked it: The Gabriella Cafe in downtown SC. Holy moly! I'd heard from friends that the place was hit and miss, and if that's true, tonight was DEFINITELY a hit.

My entree was the most impressive thing: lamb medallion meatball things with lots of herbs and an heirloom tomato-based reduction, on top of the creamiest polenta I've ever eaten and mint-scallion ricotta stuffed squash blossoms. Wow!

Iyindo had a lamb shoulder ragout with buccatini and the Bosnian had shitake mushroom risotto. Both were remarkable in their own right, but couldn't hold a candle to the squash blossoms and lamb that I had - so many flavors that all blended so well.

We also had a rabbit soup that was hearty and delicious and an heirloom tomato-walnut appetizer and a pesto-cheese zuchinni apetizer. All were delicious.

We decided to order 4 desserts between the 3 of us, just for the sake of decadence and it was worth it. Iyindo ordered a rose-saffron custard with peaches, and the Bosnian and I split a gorgonzola truffle with stewed sultanas, a Cahoon honey mousse with peaches, and a Semolina budino with mint rhubarb reduction. Iyindo's custard was amazing, but I think the budino was my favorite, especially with how it paired with my meal.

Really really impressive dinner from start to finish, certainly one to remember.

Plus iyindo took pictures - she's getting quite good. Check her out:


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