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So I've recently made friends with with some folks who live down the road from me. They're good folks, and I've named M my proxy for using my yoga pass until I return from UZ. (oh, and M is also dating [ profile] fallen42 -- he's got great taste in people :)

So M's partner is a brewer. I didn't know it until today, but he is a damn fine brewer. His beer even tastes delicious in a can. I drank a can of "Siamese Twin Ale" from them this afternoon and WOW! Complex and smooth, I can't wait to taste it on tap--it has Coriander and Keffir Lime and is really floral on the tounge and mellow going down. According to the blog, it's on tap at 515 in Santa Cruz and a few other places, including The Bistro in Hayward. Also, according to them, the Crepe Place in SC just agreed to carry it.

So delicious -- I highly recommend you guys check it out if you have a chance.

Here's their website:
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To the deeply deeply stoned girl behind me at the sarod concert last night, a bit of advice:

If you have smoked enough weed to make yourself physically ill and unable to sit still, unable to avoid heavy breathing/hyperventilating, blurting out turrets-style utterances, and kicking the back of my chair, please stay home. Do NOT attend the very impressive sarod master's concert, especially since you won't even make it through the alap before running out of the auditorium to hurl in the bathroom sink (or so I discovered at intermission). Next time, save us all some grief and curl up on your couch with a bag of fritos instead.

And on a lighter note, I was supposed to have both lunch *and* dinner at the Seabright Brew Co., and it turns out I will have neither. Upon hearing that I had The Golden Compass in my house from netflix, my Bosnian opined that the early afternoon would be better spent curled up in front of the movie with beer and Vasili's lamb take out than at the brew co. While jurying a recital later in the afternoon, I found out that [ profile] rednikki and M would not be dropping by to accompany me to dinner their either. Next time (for both)!

Luckily, it's still be a very pleasant weekend. I got to take the Bosnian to 515 for very fancy beer and nosh last night after the concert, so I've certainly had my outing for the weekend (and we saw This American Life on Thurs., which was AWESOME).

Oh, and I was not as impressed with The Golden Compass as I'd hoped to be, especially after realizing that New Line Cinema put it out. It was more of a Stardust-caliber adaption of a sci fi/fantasy novel rather than an LOTR-caliber one. Fun movie, but it was missing a lot of the complexity and exposition from the book. I imagine it's very tough to do that in a 2-hour movie. It was worth seeing, but I won't be buying it for keeps.

Plus, it's not like I've had any shortage of pub grub lately.


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